A Channel Chief’s Waking Thought

On September 24, 2016

A Channel Chief’s Waking Thought

Republished with permission from Ted Cole, Founder, Twelve Leadership Consulting LLC

We need to expand our partner program without blowing away our budget. I need my team to understand how much it costs us to find, qualify, onboard and enable a new partner. How do we qualify potential partners? Do we have an accurate profile of a successful partner? What characteristics are we looking for? Certifications? Market focus, horizontal or vertical? Geographic reach? Complimentary or adjacent solutions that they sell?

Even when we know those things, our ability to find potential partners that are qualified against those characteristics is both resource intensive and a very lengthy process. And time is money, lost revenue opportunities. We have goals to meet and we’re running out of daylight on the fiscal year.

We’re challenged to obtain those characteristics for our own partners, accurately and in a timely manner. And it’s critical to our ability to provide them with relevant marketing messaging regarding our solutions. I don’t even know if our partners have our logo on their website?

Does this sound familiar? Well, there is a solution to your concerns. A solution that I wish that I had when I was a channel chief. Check it out at http://www.partneroptimizer.com.

Seriously, do you know how much it costs you to find, qualify, on board and enable a partner? It’s not cheap…..

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