Meeting & Beating Your Channel Goals

On June 5, 2018

Meeting & Beating Your Channel Goals

by Ted Cole,  Vice President, PartnerOptimizer Relationships at SaaSMAX

Have you looked at the calendar lately? It’s June, we’re almost halfway through 2018.

Relax, we have a way to help you make your goals.  Our channel partner profiling and analytics platform is the first and only automated solution that replaces all of that tedious research you’re currently doing and provides you with meaningful, actionable data about your existing and prospective reseller partners, quickly and affordably.

Leveraging our tools, which quickly identify the characteristics of your most successful partners, we’re able to find you more of the right reseller prospects, allowing your sales resources to get them signed up, enabled and driving revenue. We can even profile your existing partners against those characteristics to see if you have any “diamonds in the rough” that will activate and excel with a little more attention.

Imagine having data that allows you to do partner segmentation based on what type of company they are (VAR, MSP, CSP, MSSP, etc.), their target markets, the  solutions and products that they sell, compliance qualifications, certifications and much more!

We’re here and ready…are you?

You can started by completing this form about the characteristics of your “Ideal Partners”.  And for further information visit PartnerOptimizer or Contact Us.

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