PartnerOptimizer is “BI for PI” – Business Intelligence for Partner Intelligence

On November 16, 2015

PartnerOptimizer is “BI for PI” – Business Intelligence for Partner Intelligence

During the past year we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to refine the first ever solution that is able to rapidly gather mass amounts of business data about mass amounts of Channel Sales Partners.

The technology team at SaaSMAX initially embarked upon this mission to solve key bottlenecks within our core business.  We realized that we were going to need to have more, better, fresher information about the Reseller Partners within our own growing marketplace and be able to track how they’re businesses were growing and changing.  You see, one of our core offerings within SaaSMAX is to create quality introductions, or matchmaking, between business cloud software companies and IT Solution Providers, and if we didn’t find an automated, scalable way to do this efficiently, we would be facing a massive manual challenge that would no doubt be unprofitable and be nearly impossible to manage successfully.

As we embarked upon solving this problem for ourselves and started talking about it within the IT Channel enterprise world, it became apparent that major technology, cloud and telecom companies were having even bigger problems than we did, and that we could solve their problems as well if we just applied what we were doing to these enterprises by customizing our own platform to meet their specific needs.

The need is so rampant that we were able to secure several early pilot projects with several billion dollar technology companies, each who is managing and selling their products through tens of thousands of reseller partners.   As a result of these experiences, PartnerOptimizer was born.  It’s the first real Business Intelligence and predictive analytics tool to identify the kinds of data that make it much easier to profile and/or augment a profile, en masse, about each IT Provider’s business.

Let this new journey begin!  BI for PI is here, ready and able to make the lives of Channel Chiefs, Channel Marketing Executives and Channel Teams more efficient, more focused and more successful.





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