Progressive Tech Channel Chiefs are Now Measuring Their “IPC”

On September 18, 2017

Progressive Tech Channel Chiefs are Now Measuring Their “IPC”

New BI & Data Analytics Tools Mean You Don’t Have to Shoot in the Dark Anymore

Start Leveraging Real Data & Strategic Analytics to Engage & Recruit Partners

Now that Big Data and Business Intelligence tools are finally coming to market in the IT Channel stack, new opportunities arise for Channel Chiefs and their teams to derive meaningful, strategic data about their own partner base.

One metric that is rapidly surfacing is Ideal Partner Configuration (“IPC”), a set of descriptive phrases and words aggregated from the analysis of data on your best partners, that can be used in your recruiting pursuits for new partners.

So what does that really mean?   Let’s say that, using PartnerOptimizer to do an Informatics Audit about your top 250 partners, you learn that, amongst the thousands of data points revealed,  80% of them mention that they specialize in cybersecurity, 78% of them mention that they specialize in data management, that 76% of them are Microsoft Gold Partners, 90% mention that they sell to Healthcare, and 80% mention they sell to small businesses.  With those metrics in hand, you can now narrow down your search for Channel Partners who have all or close to all of the above characteristics.

Of course, now that you know your IPC, you still need to find the “right” partners who look like your IPC partners.   One option for that is to leverage PartnerOptimizer’s database which has already profiled nearly 100,000 partners based upon characteristics like those above.  We take your IPC (which we perform for you first), and match it up against our database to find those partners who are closest to your “ideal”.

Let us help you learn your IPC and stop shooting in the dark.  Get your Channel Informatics Audit and learn your IPC now, so that you can accelerate your partner recruitment for the rest of 2017 and into 2018, exceed your own projections, and start leveraging your staff and budget for more strategic, smarter initiatives and campaigns.   Its fast, it’s affordable, and it will put your channel program growth trajectory on a more direct, faster path to success.







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