SaaSMAX: Two Businesses, One Focus

On June 5, 2016

SaaSMAX: Two Businesses, One Focus

March 17, 2016

by Joe Panettieri, CHANNELe2e

SaaSMAX has unveiled a new SaaS reseller commission platform. The move comes a few months after the company unveiled PartnerOptimizer — which helps vendors to find qualified channel partners. Piece the two moves together, and it’s clear that CEO Dina Moskowitz is doubling down on channel-driven solutions that leverage business intelligence behind the scenes.

When I first heard about SaaSMAX a few years ago, I wondered if the site would be nothing more than logos that lead channel partners to third-party SaaS offerings. Instead, SaaSMAX has become a true VAD (value-added distributor) and online marketplace for SaaS solutions.

The latest step involves a new SaaS reseller commission platform, which makes it “easier than ever to promote and resell great SaaS software and track commissions in a single place,” the company claims. The system also allows partners to activate and manage digital marketing campaigns for the SaaS offerings.

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